Mamang Sorbetero (Song)

Mamang Sorbetero (translation: Mister Ice-Cream Man) is a popular Tagalog song in the Philippines. The Filipina singer heard here is Celeste Legazpi.

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Filipino Song: Nandito Ako

Nandito Ako, Tagalog song written by Aaron Paul del Rosario. Made famous by Filipino singer Ogie Alcasid in the late 1980s. Version of Lea Salonga came out in 1993. Rendition by Mexican diva Thalía in 1997.

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Irreplaceable (Tagalog version)

This is the Filipino version of Beyonce’s song “Irreplaceable” (Walang Kapalit).


Kaliwa, kaliwa… Kaliwa, kaliwa…
Umiiyak ang puso at ikaw ang may gawa
Sabi mo sa akin ay ako lang ang s’yang
babae mo sa buhay

Binigay ko ang lahat sa ‘yo
dahil ikaw lang ang tanging mahal ko
pero bakit nasaan ka
iniwan mo ako at sumama sa iba

Pangako mo sa akin
ako lang ang tanging mahal
o ba’t ngayon tayong dalawa’y di nagtagal
Ito lang masasabi ko sa ‘yo

Wala kang kwentang lalake
mahilig kang mambabae
akala mo siguro di ko malalaman
na ang tulad mo’y lalakeng salawahan


Wala kang kwentang lalake
mahilig kang mambabae
Anong akala mo sa aming dalawa?
Pagkatapos mong gamitin iiwanan na

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Anak (Song)

This song by Freddie Aguilar is one of those songs that almost every Filipino knows. It addresses a child who grew up to be a parent and only then realized how difficult being a parent is.

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Song: AGILA (Haring Ibon)

Haring ibon refers to the Philippine eagle (agila), the national bird of the Philippines. Conservationists estimate there are only 400 pairs of Philippine eagles left in the wild.

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Filipino Song: Luha (Tears)

LUHA (Tears) by Filipino band Aegis – Juliet and Mercy Sunot (vocals), Stella Galindo (keyboard), Rey Abenoja (guitar), Rowena Pinpin (bass) and Vilma Goloviogo (drums)

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Hahabul-Habol (O, Ang Babae)

Hahabul-Habol by Freddie Aguilar is one of the funniest pop songs about Filipino women — it’s about how you can’t really tell what they want.

You visit them too often, they get bored. You don’t visit them enough, they get pissed off… If you don’t woo them, they grumble… They play coy and hard to get… but when you leave them, they’ll come running after you.

Women will drive you crazy, this song says. 

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Simpleng Tao by Gloc-9


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