Pamulinawen (Ilocano Song)

Pamulinawen is a folk song in Ilocano, a language distinct from Tagalog.

Pamulinawen is the name of a woman to whom the man is singing.

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Ako’y Pobreng Alindahaw

The Visayan word alindahaw normally means ‘drizzle’ (ambon in Tagalog), but in this song, it refers to a small, beautiful insect. Depending on the which part of the Visayas you’re in, it could be a butterfly, firefly or dragonfly.

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Dandansoy (Visayan Song)

A popular Visayan folk song is Dandansoy. Note that this is not a Tagalog song. The Visayan language in which Dandansoy is most often sung is Hiligaynon Bisaya, also known as Ilonggo.

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Manang Biday (Ilocano Song)

Manang Biday is a famous Ilocano song.

Please note that Ilocano is a language that’s distinct from Tagalog. The song title refers to an “older sister” whose name is Biday.

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Salidumay (Folk Song)

Salidumay is an indigenous folk song associated with the Igorot and Kalinga natives of the Cordillera Mountains in the northern part of the Philippines.

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Sarung Banggi (Bicolano Song)

Sarung Bangi Lyrics and Recording

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“Waray-Waray” Song

The lyrics are a mixture from the Tagalog and the Waray languages, which are very distinct from each other. Waray or Winaray is spoken mainly in the Visayas region of the Philippines. The people in the area are also called Waray.


Waray Waray hindi tatakas
Waray Waray handang matodas
Waray Waray bahala bukas
Waray Waray manigas!

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Agbabaket (Ilokano Song)

Ilocano song… Ilocano is a language that’s distinct from Tagalog.

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