ang tatay mo
= ang iyong tatay
your father

ang lapis mo
= ang iyong lapis
your pencil

This Tagalog pronoun mo is used only when the ‘you’ is one person. If more than one person, use ninyo (n’yo).

Sometimes mo can simply be translated as ‘you’ when paired with the word ang.

Ang payat mo!
You are so thin!

Ang bagal mo!
You are so slow!

Other uses for mo are harder to translate.

Kainin mo.
Eat it.

The mo here refers to asking you to eat something.

Basahin mo.
Read it.

There is no need to translate ‘it’ into Tagalog because of the way the verb is conjugated.

Lunukin mo.
Swallow it.

Nguyain mo.
Chew it.

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