Mga Hayop na Matatagpuan sa Pilipinas

Mga Hayop na Matatagpuan sa Pilipinas

Animals That Can Be Found in the Philippines

Philippine Tarsier
Philippine Tarsier

Philippine Tarsier
scientific name: Tarsius syrichta
known locally as the Maumag in Visayan

Kalabaw / Carabao
Kalabaw / Carabao

scientific name: Bubalus bubalis carabanesis

Philippine Duck
scientific name: Anas luzonica

Least Philippine Forest Mouse
scientific name: Apomys camiguinensis
endemic to the island of Camiguin in the Philippines

Tawitawi Brown-dove
scientific name: Phapitreron cinereiceps
a species of bird endemic to the Philippines

Nicrophorus apo

a species of burying beetle found in Mindanao
named after Mount Apo

Platymantis dorsalis
a species of frog endemic to the Philippines

Tropical Geckos
Genus: Perochirus
endemic to the Philippines, Oceania and Japan

Philippine freshwater crocodile aka Mindoro crocodile
scientific name: Crocodylus mindorensis
a crocodile found only in the Philippines, primarily on the island of Mindoro

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