Meron ka bang… ? = Do you have…?

Meron ka bang…
Do you happen to have…

Meron ka bang lapis?
Do you have a pencil?

Meron ka bang bolpen?
Do you have a pen?

Meron ka bang papel?
Do you have paper?

Meron ka bang pera?
Do you have money?

Meron ka bang asawa?
Do you have a spouse?
(=You married?)

Meron akong kendi!
I have candy!

Meron akong gagawin.
I have something to do.

Wala akong libro.
I don’t have a book.

Wala akong dala.
I have nothing with me.

Wala ka bang telepono?
Don’t you have a telephone?

*Meron is a shortened form of Mayroon.

The polite form is Meron po ba kayong…?

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