An adjective used to describe women who are contemptuous in speech.

root word: taray, meaning arrogance or snobbishness

How prickly…

Ang taray niya!
My, she’s so sassy!

The Tagalog word mataray is used to describe women who answer you back in a sharp, snappy way.

Filipino women are socially expected to be nice and modest. Any woman who answers back bluntly or brusquely is given the label mataray and is associated with pretentiousness and bitchiness.

A Filipina actress who has iconically managed to use her mataray image as an asset is Maricel Soriano.

katarayan, also pakamataray
the state of being snobbish, pretentious

Other connotations of the adjective mataray in English: stuck-up, bratty, snobby, prickly, snippy, sassy, cantankerous, cranky, has an attitude, acting like a bitch