The Tagalog word maarte originally meant artful or artsy. But it is now used to describe someone, especially a young woman, who can be nitpicky and by extension pretentious. It has a negative connotation, but not a very strong one.

pretentious, finicky
fastidious, high maintenance

persnickety, fussy

A girl who’s called maarte is very particular about how things are done. For example, if a group goes out to eat, instead of just taking a seat, maybe she will first make a big show of making sure that it’s clean. Instead of giving the waiter a simple order, she will specify every little thing. She wants things to strictly conform to her liking, and if they’re not, she’ll scrunch her nose.

People who are fashion designers are maarte, but they are forgiven for being meticulous because it’s their job.

A housemaid can call her boss maarte.

Gusto niya ganito. Gusto niya ganyan. Ang arte!
She wants it like this. She wants it like that. So finicky!

Ang dami niyang arte!
She has a lot of airs.

Maarteng maarte.
Very exacting. Very particular.

Napakaarte. (Kaarte)
So very particular.

acted maarte

The opposite of a maarte girl is one who is low-maintenance and just goes with the flow of things.