The widely used Filipino spelling these days is lumpia. In classic Tagalog orthography, the spelling is lumpiya, which could be found in cookbooks from at least the 1940s up until the late 1970s. Another, less common non-standard spelling variation is lumpya. The word comes from the Chinese.

egg roll

mga lumpiang gawa ng mga Tsino
eggs rolls made by the Chinese

Mahilig akong kumain ng lumpia.
I love eating Filipino egg rolls.

Laging may lumpiang kasama ang pansit dito.
The noodle dishes here always come with eggrolls.

What is considered the archetypal Filipino lumpia is pork-filled egg rolls (not plump, not thin) deep-fried until the wrapper is brown and crisp. There are many other variations, though really not as common as the plain ones that are cooked to a brown.

Gross misspelling that approximates English prounciation: loompya