Listen to Me Speak Tagalog

The root word of ‘listen’ in kinig.

Makinig ka.
Listen (in general).
“Listen you!” “Pay attention.”

Nakikinig ka ba?
Are you listening?

listen (to someone or something)

Pakinggan mo ito.
Listen to this.

Pakinggan mo ako.
Listen to me.

Pakinggan mo.
Listen (to somebody or something).

Pakinggan mo siya.
Listen to her/him.

Pakinggan mo ang payo ko.
Listen to my advice.

Pakinggan mo ang huni ng ibon.
Listen to the bird’s singing.

Pinakinggan mo ba siya?
Did you listen to her/him?

Dapat pinakinggan mo siya.
You should have listened to her/him.

Pakinggan mo akong magsalita ng Tagalog.
Listen to me speak Tagalog.