Big Jackfruits on Tree


Langka (Nangka): Jackfruit

also spelled as nangka (as in the Malay language)

scientific name of the tree species whose fruit is referred to as langka:
Artocarpus heterophyllus / Artocarpus heterophylla

It is a different tree from the durian.

ripe jackfruit

The ripe fruit can be eaten raw by itself, but it is also a favorite ingredient in halo-halo and ginataan.

Ripe jackfruit can also be simmered in sugar syrup to make minatamis. The nuts are also delicious to snack on after boiling.

The raw fruit is cooked in coconut milk for several Filipino dishes.

Humba na Nangka (Bicolano dish)
humba na nangka
– curry made from unripe jackfruit and coconut milk
– a dish associated with the province of Bohol

* Trivia: The jackfruit is the largest fruit to grow on a tree!

Wood from the langka tree is used in the manufacture of the kutiyapi, a type of Filipino boat lute.