Study ‘Katakataka’

How mysterious it is to fall hard for someone whom you were just kidding around with at first. Katakataka (Kalanchoe pinnata) is also the name of a medicinal plant in the Philippines. This ‘miracle plant’ is called kataka-taka (astonishing) because after the leaves fall off the stem, new leaves quickly sprout out again.



ang katulad ko
someone like me

astonishing; puzzling; a marvel

Kataka-takang mahibang ang katulad ko sa iyo
It’s remarkable for someone like me to fall for you

Biru-biro ang simula
Joking around at first

Ang wakas pala ay ano?
The ending is what?

Aayaw-ayaw pa ako
I profess not to want it

ngunit ’yan ay ’di totoo
but that isn’t true

Dahil sa iyo
Because of you

puso kong ito’y binihag mo
this heart of mine you’ve captivated

Ala-ala ka maging gabi’t araw
Thinking of you day and night