See also other words for ‘you’ like ikaw, kita and mo.

a special form of ‘you’

Gutom ako. Gutom ka.
I am hungry. You are hungry.

Gutom ka ba?
Are you hungry?

Nasaan ka?
Where are you?

Bumili ka.
Buy. (telling you to buy)

Sumulat ka.
Write. (telling you to write)

Kumain ka.
Eat. (telling you to eat)

Kumain ka na ba?
Have you eaten?

Ikaw ay payat. = Payat ka.
You are thin.

Another form of this word: kang

Non-standard spelling affectations: qah, kah, qa


In recent years, ka- has come to be a shortened for of napaka

So tiring.

So tiring.

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