‘June’ in Tagalog

The Filipino word Hunyo comes from the Spanish junio.


buwan ng Hunyo
month of June

hot season / summer

sunny season / summer

sa huling araw ng Hunyo
on the last day of June

sa huling linggo ng Hunyo
on the last week of June

sa Hunyo
in June

sa ika-lima ng Hunyo
on the fifth of June

sa unang araw ng Hunyo
on the first day of June

sa unang Lunes ng Hunyo
on the first Monday of June

sa susunod na Hunyo
next June

Ang init ng araw!
The sun is hot! / My, what a hot day!

May tatlumpung araw sa buwan ng Hunyo.
There are thirty days in the month of June.

Ang ika-anim na buwan ng taon ay Hunyo.
The sixth month of the year is June.

Araw ng Kasarinlan / *Araw ng Kalayaan
Day of Independence, commemorating the Philippine declaration of independence in 1898. Celebrated on June 12 as a public holiday in the Philippines.