Insoluble to Inspire

This dictionary contains English, Spanish and Tagalog words from the early 20th century, quite a few of which are obsolete. The spelling and meaning of the words herein may be slightly different from current usage. Still, we believe it is a useful reference for those studying Philippine literature and documents from that time.

Insoluble, adj. [insóliubl]
Insoluble, indisoluble.
Dî matunaw, dî maagnas, dî makalas.

Insolvency, n. [insólvensi]
Ang dî pagkabayad ng̃ utang.

Insolvent, adj. [insólvent]
Hindî makabayad, walang ikabayad.

Insomuch, conj [insomách]
De manera que, de modo que.

Inspect, v. [inspéct]
Inspeccionar, reconocer.
Pang̃alagaan, siyasatin, usisain.

Inspection, n. [inspéccion]
Pang̃ang̃alagà, pagsisiyasat.

Inspector, n. [inspéctor]
Tagapang̃alagà, tagasiyasat.

Inspiration, n. [inspirécion]
Kasi, pukaw, guníguní.

Inspire, v. [inspáir]
Inspirar; introducir el aire exterior en los pulmones.
Kasihan; suminghot ng̃ hang̃in.