Ingredients in Tinola Stew?

Pop quiz on Twitter!

NAME the ingredients in the Filipino dish TINOLA.


PapaGus Looks like Bituka, potatoes & something else

lalayu hmmm. Chicken. Onions. Garlic. Opo. ?? Am I close?

kat4eleven chicken, ginger, patis, water or chicken stock, sayote and other greens optional

vettievette chicken, patola, ginger, green onion, salt, and water.

3ND14P3 Chicken, spinach, green papaya, ginger…

AnaGinLV chicken, papaya, malunggay leaves, ginger.. that’s how kapampangans do it.. =)

daysies chicken, chayote, and spinach? and rice, of course!

LIMER35 Chicken, Upo, Ginger, Onions, Garlic, Peppercorns & Fish Sauce

w0ahitzMari chicken, chayote or papaya, and dahon ng pepper

joypeezy Wow my stomach is growling from that pic. Chicken, papaya, chicken broth, spinach, ginger…

* Traditional ingredients for tinola are chicken meat, ginger, a vegetable like green papaya or chayote, and a dark leafy vegetable like the leaves of the pepper plant or malunggay.