This word is from the Spanish ingl├ęs.


Unlike in Spanish, this word is almost always capitalized in formal written Tagalog.

Marunong ka bang mag-Ingles?
Do you know how to speak English?

Mahusay akong magsalita ng Ingles.
I speak English very well.

Nakakaintindi ka ba ng Ingles?
Do you understand English?
(casual form, don’t use with old people)

Nakakaintindi po ba kayo ng Ingles?
Do you understand English?
(polite form, use with older people)

Isalin mo sa Ingles.
Translate it into English.

Walang halong Ingles.
With no English mixed in.

Hindi sila nakapagsasalita ng Tagalog nang walang halong Ingles.
They can’t speak Tagalog without English mixed in.

Following traditional Tagalog orthography, the spelling of the word would be Inggles. But in the Filipino language that is one of the national languages of the Philippines (the other being English), the accepted standard spelling is now Ingles, in line with the Spanish.

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