Iloilo is a province in the region of Western Visayas in the Philippines. It occupies a major southeast portion of the island of Panay and is bordered by the province of Antique to the west, Capiz to the north, the Jintotolo Channel to the northeast, the Guimaras Strait to the east, and the Iloilo Strait and Panay Gulf to the southwest.

That language dominantly spoken in Iloilo is Hiligaynon, commonly referred to as Ilonggo. The people are also called Ilonggo. Both the Ilonggo language and the Ilonggo people are widely considered malambing (“affectionate” or “sweet”) by Filipinos all over.

Iloilo’s capital is Iloilo City, though the city itself is independent and not governed by the provincial government of Iloilo. According to the 2015 census, the population of the province (excluding Iloilo City) is close to two million. If Iloilo City is included, the population is about 2.4 million.