tumutukoy sa kausap


The Tagalog word ikaw is used to refer to “you” if the “you” is just one person. (For more that one person in the sense of “you all” or “you two” use the word kayo.)

Ikaw ay buwan.
You are moon.

Ikaw ang buwan.
You are the moon.

Ikaw ay maganda.
You are beautiful.

Ikaw ang sagot.
You are the answer.

Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.
You are everything to me.

 Ikaw ang mahal ko.
You’re the one I love.

Ikaw ba ang umiyak?
Were you the one who cried?

Ikaw lang.
Only you.

The Tagalog phrase Ikaw ay (“You are”)¬† is often shortened to ika’y and even ikaw’y.

Ika’y akin.
You are mine.


Other Tagalog words that are related and can be translated as “you” are ka and kita.