‘I Don’t Know’ in Tagalog

Ewan is the more current form of aywan.

Hindi ko alam.
I don’t know. (literal translation)

I don’t know. (colloquial)

Ewan ko.
I don’t know.

When speaking to older people, add po.

Hindi ko po alam.
I don’t know.

Ewan ko po.
I don’t know.

Hindi ko alam kung anong gusto mo.
I don’t know what you want.

Ewan ko kung anong gusto niya.
I don’t know what she/he wants.

Malay ko.
I have no idea.

Alam mo ba kung ano ito?
Do you know what this is?

Alam mo ba kung anong gusto ko?
Do you know what I want?

Alam mo ba kung anong gusto niya?
Do you know what she/he wants?

Alam mo ba kung anong gusto nila?
Do you know what they want?

Alam mo ba kung anong gusto namin?
Do you know what we want?

Alamin mo. Gusto kong malaman.
Find out. I want to know.

Alamin mo kung anong gusto niya.
Find out what he/she wants.

Wala siyang alam.
He/She knows nothing.
He/She doesn’t know anything.

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