baltak na pataas, bunot, hilang pataas, hagot; halaw, buod, kuha; hirang, pili

to pull out

to unsheathe

Hugutin mo.
Pull it out. 

Huwag mong hugutin.
Don’t pull it out. 

Hinugot ng pulis ang kanyang baril.
The policeman pulled out his gun. 

Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang
The Woman Pulled From My Rib

Hinugot sa Langit
Plucked from Heaven

May pinaghuhugutan ako ng lakas.
There’s something whence I draw strength.

Saan ka humuhugot ng lakas?
Where do you draw strength from?

Hugot as a slang word refers to drawing emotions from somewhere deep within you… sort of like being emo. So-called “hugot quotes” (#whogoat) are very popular; they’re quotable statements that are sentimental or such. You can find a lot of these on Twitter and Tumblr — even whole accounts dedicated to churning out such quotes at a rate of one a minute.

Closely related to banat quotes.

Mas mabuting di ka na lang dumating kung mang-iiwan ka rin lang. Would’ve been better if you hadn’t arrived (into my life) since you ended up leaving anyway.