How to Say ‘Please’

There is no single-word Tagalog translation!

You have to attach paki- in front of the verb. 

to write

Pakisulat mo dito.
Please write it here.

to cook

Pakiluto mo ito.
Please cook this.

to arrange, put in order, fix

Pakiayos mo ito.
Please fix this.

to give

Pakibigay mo kay Ana.
Please give to Ana.

Pakibigay mo sa nanay mo.
Please give to your mother.

Pakibigay mo ito (sa kanila).
Please give this (to them).

mo = you

Filipinos also often use paki- with English verbs.

Paki-check mo ito. = Please check this.
Paki-add mo ito. = Please add this.

Paki-fax mo ito. = Please fax this.
Paki-change mo ito. = Please change this.
Paki-email mo lang. = If you could please just email it…