Holy Week in Tagalog

In San Fernando, Pampanga, and also in a few other towns in the Philippines, Christ’s crucifixion is reenacted, with volunteers happy to have themselves actually nailed to a cross.

Kwaresma / Kuwaresma

Semana Santa
= Mahal na Araw
Holy Week

Domingo de Ramos
Linggo ng Palaspas
Palm Sunday

Lunes Santo
Holy Monday

Martes Santo 
Holy Tuesday

Miyerkules Santo
Holy Wednesday

Huwebes Santo
Holy Thursday / Maundy Thursday

Biyernes Santo
Good Friday

Sabado Santo / Sabado de Gloria
Holy Saturday

Linggo ng Pagkabuhay
Easter Sunday
(pagkabuhay = resurrection)


Araw ng Paskwa
Easter Day

Maligayang Paskwa ng Pagkabuhay!
= Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!
Happy Easter!

Filipinos simply use the English phrase “Happy Easter!”