Highest Mountains of the Philippines!

Please be advised that recent measurements demand that we update the table in this entry.

Until we are able to make the revisions, please refrain from citing it as a reference.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

* Mount Apo on the large southern island of Mindanao is still considered the highest mountain of the Philippines, measuring approximately 2,954 meters or 9,692 feet.

1Mt. ApoMindanao2954
2Mt. Dulang-DulangMindanao2938
Mt. Katanglad
Mt. Pulag (Pulog)Luzon2922
Katangland Mts.
Mt. Kalatungan
Mt. Tabeyo
Mt. Piapayungan
Mt. Ragang
Mt. TabayocLuzon
Mt. SingakalsaLuzon
Mt. ClawitLuzon
Mt. KapiliganLuzon
Mt. Amuyao / AmayaoLuzon
Mt. MongawtoLuzon
Mt. MaagnawMindanao
Mt. TalomoMindanao
Mt. Tagubud
Mt. Alal
Mt. Abao
Mt. Napulauan
Mt. Alanib
Mt. Alchan
Mt. Osdung (Osdong)
Mt. Lumuluyaw
Mt. Nanluyaw
Mt. Babadak
Mt. Halcon
Mt. Cauitan
Mt. Nangaoto
Mt. Baco
Mt. Mangabon
Mt. Canlaon (Kanlaon)
Mayon VolcanoLuzon2460