‘Hello’ in Tagalog


It is common for Filipinos to use the English word in greeting each other. In recent years, there’s a tendency to affix the respectful marker po when speaking to even slightly older people. Though this used to sound very strange and awkward, these days you will hear the phrase “Hello po” all the time.

How are you?
– the closest equivalent to the English greeting “Hello”
– this is the more current spelling of Kumusta
– it comes from the Spanish ¿Cómo está?

Kamusta ka na?
How have you been?
– this is like “What’s up?”
– don’t use with old people

Fine. / Good.

Okey lang. / Ayos lang.
Just fine. (So-so…)

Kamusta ang buhay?
How’s life?

Ano ang bago?
What’s new?


Wala masyado.
Nothing much.

Ikaw? Mabuti ka ba? Sana mabuti ka rin.
You? Are you fine? I hope you’re fine too.

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