animal, damulag, bestya, dambuhala


mabangis na hayop
wild animal

maamong hayop
tame animal

alagang hayop
pet animal


like an animal

malalaking hayop
large animals

mga hayop sa Pilipinas
animals in the Philippines

mga hayop sa dagat
animals in the ocean

Hayop ka!
You’re a beast!

Depending on the context, Hayop ka! can take on a very negative meaning.

For example… If a husband does something totally bad (like has an affair with his wife’s younger sister), once the wife finds out, she will yell at him, “Hayop ka” (You’re an animal.) because what he did is not something a civilized human being would do.

There is also a positive meaning in slang usage, where hayop means to an extreme degree.

Hayop mag-alaga ang misis mo.
Your wife sure knows how to take care of a person.

hayop (slang)
awesome (beastly good)

hayop na hayop
really awesome

Hayop na kombo!
Awesome combination!

hayop sa sarap
awesomely delicious

hayop sa sarap
feels really good

hayop kumanta
sings very well

behaving like an animal

An action movie with the title Asal Hayop was released in the Philippines in 1981. It starred and was directed by the famously bald-headed actor Bembol Roco.

Karamihan sa mga hayop ay nakakagala nang malaya.
Most animlas can roam freely.

Ang mga hayop ay mga nilalang na namumuhay sa lupa o sa tubig.
Animals are creatures that live on land or in water.