‘Happy Birthday’ as ‘Hapi Bertdey’

Though the recording embedded here is a bit staid, this is usually a very funny and RAUCOUS “Happy Birthday” song that Filipinos sing… Being informal, this song has many lyric variations.

♫ Hapi hapi hapi bertdey…
♫ Sa ’yo ang pulutan
♫ Sa ’yo ang inumin

♫ Hapi hapi hapi bertdey…

♫ Sana’y malasing mo kami!
(Hope you get us drunk!)

The last line can also be…

♫ Sana’y mabusog mo kami!
(Hope you get us stuffed with food!)

Sa ’yo ang pagkain
You take care of the food

Sa ’yo ang inumin
You take care of the drinks

yo is short for iyo which means ‘yours’

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