Hampas-Palayok (also known as Pukpok Palayok)  is a fun game played during Filipino fiestas and traditional parties. The Tagalog words hampas and pukpok mean ‘to hit.’ This is how it’s played.

A traditional earthen pot called a palayok is filled with goodies (wrapped candies, money coins…) and suspended in the air. A player is blindfolded and then spun around to disorient her. A stick is put in her hand and she is told to walk in a straight line towards where the pot is hanging and try to hit it. The crowd shouts out instructions at her. “Go straight, to the left, to the right, stop!”

She gets one attempt to hit it hard enough to break. If she doesn’t break the pot, another guest at the party gets his turn. If she breaks it, it’s a free-for-all and everyone in the crowd goes for the goodies. The player who successfully smashes the palayok is given a prize.