Filipino Stores

Where to Buy Filipino food and grocery items?

** The list of Filipino stores below is provided for reference only and without endorsement of any kind. **

We’re still revising this page after the recent website upgrade. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do check back soon!

These Filipino stores offer more than just food and grocery items. They offer the comfort of home. We hear it everyday from visitors how much it means to them to be able to find the snacks to munch on and the ingredients to make the dishes they remember from their time in the Philippines.

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The native Tagalog word for “book” is aklat, but most Filipinos today prefer to use the Spanish word libro.

mga libro

Kailangan ko ng libro.
I need a book.

Hindi ko mahanap ang libro ko.
I can’t find my book.

We’re building a section in our new online Filipino store for cookbooks, children’s books, flashcards and the like!

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We have various work opportunities for native speakers of Tagalog and other Philippine languages. Among those we are particularly interested in employing are translators, writers, and adults who are willing to teach via Skype.

Students are welcome to apply to become volunteers for writing positions, creative work (art, video, etc), and running errands.

We intend to update this page very soon. Please check back! 🙂

Tagalog Lang Affiliates

Show your support by shopping at our affiliates!

Below is a list of programs we are affiliated with. Please consider clicking through the links when you visit these vendors in order to give Tagalog Lang partial credit for your purchases.

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iOS apps for learning Tagalog…

Tagalog app



About Tagalog Lang

The phrase Tagalog Lang is taken by Filipinos to mean “Tagalog only” or “just Tagalog.” It also happens to be short for “Tagalog language.”

Coincidentally, the ISO 639-1 code for the Tagalog language is tl, which is also our acronym TL.

Online since March 2002 and a Top 300 site in the Philippines, Tagalog Lang is the world’s largest and longest-running Tagalog-learning site.

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Advertise on Tagalog Lang!

Alexa ranks Tagalog Lang among the top 500 sites in the Philippines, top 80,000 in the United States, and top 100,000 in the world.

Google Ad Planner has reported that this site receives close to two million page views a month.

Online continuously since 2002, the website has visitors who are mostly Filipinos, Filipino Americans and those interested in learning Tagalog. Reach out to them by advertising as a show of support for language and cultural promotion!

Currently available ad spaces include a 300 x 250 at $249 a week.

▸ Your ad will run for a period of seven days.
▸ Ad insertions are paid for in advance via Paypal.
▸ Do let us know if you are interested in other sizes, positions and time periods.

Inquiries are very welcome!