Filipino Pork Stew HUMBA?

QUESTION: Have you tried the Visayan pork stew HUMBA?

Idea for query came from:

LuvDacil @FilipinoFood just had some Inatay and a little bit of Humba, lunch and dinner for today done

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Chinese-Filipino dish PATA TIM?

Question: Have you tried the Chinese-Filipino dish PATA TIM?

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LIMER35 Humba is quite similar to Pata Tim isn’t it. Oh my lardy, this is really good.

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Best Lumpia Shanghai Takeout in L.A.

Lumpia are Filipino egg rolls. 🙂

Filipino Lumpia with sawsawan

Question: best lumpia shanghai takeout in LA?

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Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in the Philippines

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in the Philippines

= video removed =

Episode first aired Monday, February 16, 2009
Now in repeats on the Travel Channel.

Always check the label of “Magnolia” products in the United States. There is an American company that has labeled their products with the same name and oval logo as the Philippine original even though they have no connection or relationship with San Miguel Philippines.

Also… Beware of the OMGpeke Pampanga’s Best in the United States. The Philippine company Pampanga’s Best has been shut out from the USA market by the very same company that pirated the Magnolia Ice Cream brand.