root word: lamig, meaning “cold”

samalamig, palamig
a cold Filipino slush drink


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This word is from the Spanish café.


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Unique Filipino Drinks?

Kapeng Barako = Barako Coffee
This coffee is grown only in the Philippines. The word BARAKO is used to describe a man as tough as a wild boar.

Salabat = ginger tea
This is a favorite during the relatively cold Christmas season in the Philippines.

Lambanog = “coconut vodka” from the sap of the unopened coconut flower

Tuba = lambanog with additional fermentation

Basi  = “sugarcane wine”

Tapuy = rice wine from the Cordillera region of the Philippines

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Salabat is Filipino ginger tea that’s especially popular during the relatively cool month of December in the Philippines to accompany the eating of seasonal treats. The hot drink is also recommended for a sore throat.

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Popular Soda Brands in the Philippines

In the United States, a “soft drink” technically refers to any beverage that contains no alcohol, as opposed to a hard drink. In the Philippines, when Filipinos say “soft drink” they often mean soda (the carbonated beverage), usually sold in bottles that are returned to the store. It’s only in the past decade that soda has been widely available in cans. Continue reading “Popular Soda Brands in the Philippines”

Calamansi Juice

Calamansi juice is the best!

In Tagalog…
Ang katas ng kalamansi ay napakainam para sa masakit na lalamunan.
Calamansi juice is very good for a sore throat.

How to Make Calamansi Juice

First, you’re going to need a lot of calamansi.

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Iskrambol is a cold, milk-based slushy drink that’s frequently pink in color.

This word is from the English ‘scramble’ referring to the mixing of shaved ice.

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