Filipino Products Banned in the United States

In 2004,  the United States issued a list of 300 products from the Philippines that had failed to meet standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and were therefore banned from entering the US.

The list of 170 Philippines-based exporters included major food and beverage manufacturers like Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Universal Robina Corporation, RFM Corporation, Kraft Foods, Del Monte Philippines, Philippine Beverage Partners, Century Canning, Nestle Philippines, Leslie Corporation, Monde Denmark Nissin and Liwayway Marketing Corporation. Cosmetics, beauty products and other consumer goods included those made by Unilever Philippines, Splash Corporation, Sara Lee Philippines and Johnson & Johnson.

Among the banned food products:

Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc.’s Royal Tru-Orange
RFM’s White King Champorado Mix, Moo Chocolate and Ube Milk
Kraft Foods’ Tang Guyabano and Ponkan C juice drinks
Sugarland’s Eight O’ Clock powdered juice
Del Monte’s Italian-style and sweet-style spaghetti sauces
Philippine Beverage Partners’ Jellyace snacks
Century Canning’s Century Tuna
Liwayway’s Oishi and Prawn Crackers
Zesto’s Quik Chow Instant Pancit Canton
Leslie’s Nacho Chips
Monde Denmark Nissin’s Lucky Me instant noodles
Mama Sita sauces
Universal Robina’s Maxx and XO candies
Payless Instant Noodles
Nissin Yakisoba instant noodles

Among the cosmetic and beauty products on the banned list:

skin-whitening products from Sara Lee and Splash
Getz Brothers’ Salonpas
Johnson & Johnson’s Modess and Clean & Clear Facial Wash
Kimberly Clark’s Kotex and Interphil’s feminine hygiene wash

Banned products of Unilever: Leave-on hair conditioner, Closeup toothpaste, Pond’s Cream, Wash and Fluid, Vaseline Amino Collagen

* The Coca-Cola Company explained that the ban was due to differences in the labeling requirements of the Philippines and the United States government, and not because of any inherent shortcomings in production standards.