Gay-Themed Filipino Movies

Director Mel Chionglo and writer Ricky Lee made a trilogy of movies about “macho dancers” in the Philippines. Their inspiration was Lino Brocka’s film Macho Dancer.

1. Sibak: Midnight Dancers (1994)
2. Burlesk King (1999)
3. Twilight Dancers (2006)

Kambyo Film


Doubt / Duda (2003) starring Andoy Ranay and Paolo Gabriel; written and directed by Crisaldo Pablo; nominated Best Director at the 2004 New York Asian American Film Festival and the Barcelona International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival;  a critically acclaimed independent film about the relationship of a gay couple in the Philippines

Macho Dancer (1988) starring Allan Paule, William Lorenzo, Daniel Fernando, Jaclyn Jose, Princess Punzalan, Bobby Samo, Joel Lamangan, Lucita Soriano, Charlie Catalia, Anthony Taylor & Johnny Vicar; directed by Lino Brocka; screenplay by: Ricky Lee; the ultimate Lino Brocka classic about sex, violence & corruption in the underbelly of Manila

Midnight Dancers (1995) starring Alex Del Rosario, Gandong Cervantes, Lawrence David, Perla Bautista & Ryan Aristorenas; directed by Mel Chionglo; screenplay by Ricky Lee; about three brothers from Cebu entering Manila’s sex industry to work as “sibak”

Burlesk King (1999) featuring actors Rodel Velayo, Joel Lamangan, Leonardo Litton, Cherrie Pie Picache, Raymond Bagatsing, Elizabeth Oropesa & Nini Jacinto; director is Mel Chionglo; screenplay by: Ricky Lee; the story of an Amerasian and his friends from Olongapo eking it out in the gay nightclubs of Manila