Filipino term for “End of Contract”

end of contract

Pagkatapos ng limang buwan, endo na. 
End of contract after five months.

Inendo ako ng boss ko.
My boss let me go.
(because I was about to hit six months)

This refers to contractual workers being let go right before completing six months of employment.

Under labor laws, employers must¬†give regular employment to a “contractor” who’s been working for them six months.

Endo is a frequent tactic used by employers to avoid giving full benefits to employees, similar to how “part time” workers in the United States are given only enough hours so as not to be considered full time.

This “contractualization” practice is also known as 555 in reference to the usual five months of employment.

As of 2016, it is estimated that the Philippines has around 35 million contractual workers out of a little over 67 million workers.

One of the early achievements of the Duterte presidency is taking on companies that practice endo.