Pasigin, Filipino Dance

Watch a video of the Pasigin dance!

The word pasigin likely refers to a type of fishnet. The movements of this dance resemble those of fishermen scooping after schools of fish.

The Lord’s Prayer in Cebuano

Cebuano is language of the Philippines that’s very distinct from Tagalog. It is spoken by around 20 million people.

When Filipinos refer to a language as Bisaya, they usually mean Cebuano, although there are other Visayan languages such as Hiligaynon (Ilonggo).

This is the Lord’s Prayer in Cebuano with English translation below the Binisaya.

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Filipina Maids

The Tagalog word for ‘maid’ is katulong, which literally means ‘helper.’ (The Tagalog word for ‘help’ is tulong.) In the Philippines, live-in maids are common among the upper classes and are considered part of the family.

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