Sayaw sa Bangko, Filipino Bench Dance

Sayaw sa Bangko (“dance on a bench”) is a folk dance from the Pangasinan province of the Philippines.

Performers dance on top of a bench that is normally six inches wide.

A slightly more well-known Philippine dance with similarities to Sayaw sa Bangko is the tinikling, which employs bamboo poles.

Mazurka Boholana

Mazurka Boholana is a Spanish-inspired ballroom dance from the Bohol province of the Philippines. The country was under the rule of Spain for more than three hundred years, during which time local culture was markedly influenced. Although the mazurka is the Polish national dance, it was wildly popular  throughout Europe in the 19th century and even in colonized lands overseas. The Philippine dance is ordinarily performed by men and women partners.

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ITIK-ITIK, Filipino Folk Dance

The itik-itik is a dance from Surigao, in which the movements of a duck are imitated. An itik is a species of duck.

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Pasigin, Filipino Dance

Watch a video of the Pasigin dance!

The word pasigin likely refers to a type of fishnet. The movements of this dance resemble those of fishermen scooping after schools of fish.