Filipino Coconut Candy

Bukayo (spelling variations: bocayo, bucayo, bucaio, bokayo) is dried-coconut candy.

Its color is light to dark brown and its chewiness can range from soft to hard enough to give your jaws a tough workout.

Bukayo is known throughout the Philippines islands, and the form varies widely. Homemade bukayo is usually in informally round patties, while commercial sellers produce them in neat squares or half-cubes.

bukayo in plastic wrap

Another dried-coconut candy called pakumbo that is reminiscent of bukayo and could well be considered a cousin is found only in pockets of the Tagalog-speaking provinces of Aurora and Batangas. What differentiates it most strikingly from bukayo is that pakumbo is still being packaged and sold in dried banana bark, whereas bukayo is more often distributed in plastic wrappers.

pakumbo in banana bark