Boycott Manila Gold Calamansi

Manila Gold Calamansi is a USA brand of calamansi concentrate manufactured by Ramar Foods, the OMGpeke company that pirated the Magnolia brand from the Philippines. As true Filipinos, we encourage a boycott of all products by Ramar Foods due to their documented practice of pirating brands from our homeland, including Pampanga’s Best.

There are many alternatives to Manila Gold Frozen Calamansi Concentrate. Exercise your power as consumer. Do not let your hard-earned dollars go to unethical companies such as Ramar Foods.

Furthermore, let the stores that carry their products know of this company’s unethical business practices. Tell your friends about the OMGpeke scandal. Knowledge is power. Our fellow Pinoys can’t make an informed decision about where to properly spend their money if they don’t know of issues such as this.

To this day, many Filipino Americans have no clue that the “Magnolia” products they buy in the United States is not in any way related to San Miguel Philippines. In fact, Ramar Foods keeps suing San Miguel!

Think about that. San Miguel created the Magnolia brand of ice cream in the 1920s. It developed it into a brand trusted and loved by Filipinos the world over. It’s been known as the first brand of ice cream in Asia. That’s an honor for our country. Then out of nowhere, this California company just uses both the name AND the exact same logo on their own unaffiliated products in California, making many Filipino Americans assume that this is the Magnolia of our home country.

Gets n’yo ba kung gaano kasaklap ito? Siguro naman kung nababasa ninyo ito, nauunawaan ninyo ang galit ng mga Pilipino sa Ramar. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin. I-boycott ang mga produkto ng Ramar.

Please BOYCOTT these brands belonging to Ramar Foods: Orientex Frozen Lumpia, Frescano Bangus Milkfish, Baguio, So Naimas, Bestaste, Turo-Turo Gourmet, Kusina ni Maria, Magnolia Longanisa (sic), Magnolia Tocino, Magnolia Beef Tapa, Magnolia Frozen Hot Dogs, BesTaste Dimsum

Always check the label of any “Magnolia” product you see in the stores in the United States and Canada. If you don’t see “San Miguel” on the label, then it’s the fake Magnolia.