Also see bola



a man who flatters a woman

This word is taken in the negative sense, but is not very severe.

If you say too many nice things to a woman that they seem too much, she’ll say you’re bolero.

Synonym: mambobola

If the compliments fall too easily off your tongue, she’ll think that you say the same things to all the women you meet.

Talagang magaling siyang mambola.
He really knows how to lay it thick.

blandishment, cajolery, excessive praise

pambobola ng mga lalaki sa mga babae
men’s honeyed words towards women

Sinong binola mo?
Who you trying to sweet talk?

Bolahin mo ang lola mo!
Go work your lies on your grandmother!
(= Your shtick won’t work with me.)

Bolahin mo ang iba at huwag ako.
Flatter others and not me.

boladas / buladas
insincere talk

There’s a famous Tagalog pop song titled Mambobola.

Boladas mo’y tigilan na… ‘Pagkat ako’y sawa na…
Enough of your insincere talk… Cuz I’ve gotten tired of it…

Related Filipino word: stirero

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