Battle of Bataan & Death March

Bataan is a province on the Bataan Peninsula of the large island of Luzon.

The Battle of Bataan was one of the last stands of American and Filipino soldiers before they were overwhelmed by imperial Japanese forces during World War II. It is the largest surrender of American and Filipino troops in military history.

Date: January 7 – April 9, 1942

US Commanders: Douglas MacArthur, Jonathan Wainwright
Filipino Commander: Vicente Lim
Japanese Commander: Masaharu Homma

US and Filipino forces: 79,500 soldiers
Japanese forces: 75,000 soldiers

Bataan Death March (1942)
About 76,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war were captured by the Japanese during the Battle of Bataan. The POWs were made to march from the Bataan peninsula to prison camps to the north.

April 9 is now celebrated every year as Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) in the Philippines. The commemoration is also known as Bataan Day.