The Famous Poem ‘Trees’ in Tagalog

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Russia’s “Korabli” in Tagalog Translation

Tagalog translation of Vladimir Vysotsky’s Korabli

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Tagalog Translation of “The Poet”

This is a Tagalog translation by Aniceto F. Silvestre of the famous part of Kahlil Gibran’s poem The Poet. Continue reading “Tagalog Translation of “The Poet””

Study ‘Kahit Saan’ Love Poem

The man speaking in this love poem is addressing someone he is totally in love with. It would be difficult for a woman to listen to this poem and not be moved by his passion.

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Study ‘Sitsiritsit, Alibangbang’

The Tagalog word sitsiritsit or chitchiritchit doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just to call someone’s attention. The song in general is one of those traditional ditties that are funny in being nonsensical.

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Study ‘Paruparong Bukid’

This song compares a woman to a mountain butterfly.


Paruparong bukid na lilipad-lipad
Sa gitna ng daan papagapagaspas
Isang bara ang tapis
Isang dangkal ang manggas
Ang sayang de kola
Isang piyesa ang sayad

May payneta pa siya — uy!
May suklay pa man din — uy!
Nagwas de-ohetes ang palalabasin
Haharap sa altar at mananalamin
At saka lalakad nang pakendeng-kendeng.

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‘Anak’ Song: English Translation

Anak (Child) by Freddie Aguilar

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Study ‘Bahay Kubo’ Song

This is the Study Guide for the Tagalog folk song Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut).

Listen to the pronunciation of the following Tagalog words:

bahay = house
kubo = hut
kahit = even though
munti = small, meager, humble
sari-sari = varied, of different kinds
saka = also
mayroon = there are
paligid = around the area
puro = all
puno ng = full of

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