kantaro, tapayang maluwang ang bibig; balanga; palmabraba

an earthen jar

bangâ ng tubig
earthen jar full of water

ang tubig sa bangâ
the water in the earthen jar

bangang puno ng tubig
earthen jar full of water

The most famous bangâ in the Philippines is the Manunggul jar, which was found in a cave in Palawan in 1960. It is close to 3,000 years old.

isang bangang ginagamit sa ikalawang paglilibing
an earthen jar used in secondary burial

In contrast, the earthen pot used for cooking is called a palayok.

Similar-looking Tagalog word: bangga 

Might also be a contraction of the two words  ba and nga.

Nakita mo ba nga?
So, like I was asking, were you able to see it?