The Tagalog word ba is used in properly forming questions.

Kumain ka?
You ate?

Kumain ka ba?
Did you eat?

Pilipino ka?
You’re Filipino?

Pilipino ka ba?
Are you Filipino?


Bakit ba?
And why is that?
(rough translation; the meaning
would depend on the context)

Masaya ka?
You’re happy?

Masaya ka ba?
Are you happy?

Miss mo ako?
You miss me?

Na-miss mo ba ako?
Did you miss me?

Bababa ka ba?
Are you going down? (elevator)

Bababa ka ba?
Are you getting off? (vehicle)

Another form of this word: bang

Meron kang pera?
You have money?

Meron ka bang pera?
Do you have money?

Anong kinain mo?
What did you eat?

Ano bang kinain mo?
So what was it that you ate?
(asking for additional information after another statement had been given; for example, if someone had said she had a stomachache)

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