At The Filipino Store

The native Tagalog word for “store” is pamilihan (“marketplace”), but most Filipinos these days use the Spanish-derived word tindahan to refer to most stores, and the merchandise is called paninda.

Filipino grocery store
Buying snacks at a grocery store in Cebu

Marami pala kayong paninda dito.
So you guys have a lot of merchandise here after all.

Anu-anong paninda ninyo?
What sort of stuff are you folks selling?

Anong oras magbubukas ang tindahan?
What time will the store open?

Anong oras magsasara?
What time will it close?

May kailangan ako sa tindahan.
I need something from the store.

I want to buy a …
(Use this only when speaking to a store clerk or someone selling the item!!!)

Pabili po ng Coke.
I’d like to buy a Coke. (speaking respectfully to store clerk)

Pabili ng isa.
I’d like to buy one. (speaking to store clerk)

Pabili ho ng dalawa.
I’d like to buy two. (speaking with mid-level respect to store clerk)

Tindahang Pilipino
Filipino Store