Ambra B. Gutierrez: Model Who Bravely Recorded Harvey Weinstein

Model Ambra Battilana

Who is Ambra Battilana Gutierrez?

She is a 24-year-old Italian model of Philippine descent known for informing the New York Police Department of producer Harvey Weinstein’s unwanted sexual advances.

For decades, there were rumors circulating of his alleged harassment and even outright rapes of young women.

In March 2015, when she was twenty-two, Ambra informed the NYPD of Weinstein’s groping of her. The next day, with instructions from Special Victims Unit detectives, she bravely recorded her second encounter with the producer.

The recording was leaked to the New Yorker magazine in 2017 and was made available to the public in an October 10 article. In the audio, Harvey Weinstein is heard admitting to groping her breast the previous day.

“Don’t ruin your friendship with me for five minutes.”

A source inside the department said there was enough to charge the producer with assault because he admitted on tape that he did touch her breast against her will, yet the prosecutor decided not to pursue the case. This was despite the fact that it was a stronger case than what is routinely brought against subway gropers. It was the district attorney Cyrus Vance who decided not to press charges.

Below is a recent post by Gutierrez of her modeling work on the cover of Wedding Hair & Beauty.

Ambra proudly displays both flags of Italy and the Philippines on her profile.

She was a Miss Italy finalist in 2010, the same year that Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was alleged to have groped many very young women at parties, including Ambra herself.

Her first language is Italian, not English. In early 2016, she was in Manila, Philippines, as a Century Superbod Nat10n finalist.

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